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Molded Serial Cable
Molded Serial Cable
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Alubos EC frontplate 15.97EUR

Split Alubos frontplate for the FlangedCase160 or Alubos1600 case, with CNC-d holes for the

  • 4 corner-screws
  • EC36
  • EC18
  • Drill-count=0 means NO drills
  • Drill-count="3-small" means maximum 7,7,7 mm drills (usually 7,6,7 mm so the small brass pneumatic nipple can be tightly mounted in the middle 6mm hole), drilling up is easy if necessary
  • Drill-count="3-big" means max 7,10,7 mm so the pneumatic connector ("VIV-type" for 6/4mm tube) can be mounted in the middle 10mm drill. The 7mm drills are most often used for EGT cables (but LCD, PS2-keyboard, or other is also possible).
Check-out the transparent frontplate. It's really cool, and sufficiantly durable if no drills needed.
The EC36 and EC18 position was CNC-d to match the v3.x PCB. It is very important to solder the EC.. connectors with the frontplate applied : otherwise it might be impossible to apply frontplate later (without unsoldering EC.. connectors or scratching away 0.2mm from PCB edge). Take care at assembly: follow the right order
You also likely want the Made of 2 parts: splitting is necessary to properly mount the EC (EconoSeal-III) connectors.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 15. März 2004 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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Molded Serial Cable
Molded Serial Cable

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1 x Alubos Endplate transparent
1 x Alubos motronic55 frontplate
1 x Econoseal36-PCB
1 x Alubos gasket
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