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BridgeOutputDriver 97.20EUR

Useful hint: Order VEMS ECU with "Please equip VEMS ECU with flying loom connector for BridgeOutputDriver with 4 highside drivers, and min 3+1 analog inputs on EC18" text in the order comment.

VEMS ECU has the power and software to control spark ignition engines with knock-detection, camshaft-angle-control (VVTI/Vanos/...), Drive By Wire/Electronic throttle (among other motorsport related functions).
In some cases a few extra outputs are needed: eg. for some Vanos solenoids that need high-side switches (because removal/hackout of the internal diode inside the Vanos solenoid connector would be needed otherwise to drive those solenoids with the low-side switches that VEMS ECU, and most other ECU has inside by default).

  • 2 Pushpull (bridge) outputs for max 11A peak (max 8 kHz, eg. 12V throttle motor, min 1.30 Ohm resistance)
  • 4 High-side outputs, max 8A (eg. for VANOS solenoids)

The device connects to the ECU flying loom connector (mating pair included in the ECU if ordered with the above comment), and connects to the harness with another connector (10 pin Econoseal, included).

    Any install should use
  • a 15A fuse (not included) as some mean of protection against failing throttle motor / short circuit.
  • Drive By Wire (Electronic Throttle / ETC) systems MUST have a "safety relay" (min 40A recommended, NOT included with this item) that is configured (in the ECU) to power off the throttle in case of sensor mismatch (TPS - TPS2, or PPS - PPS2) or when (for any reason), the throttle is opened too much (significantly beyond target commanded by PPS-PPS2 and the adjusted curve).

We recommend to use bridge output driver with new VEMS ECU device (with bridgeoutput interface=1), ordered together, so connectors are matched and tested together accordingly.
It is technically possible to use bridge output driver with old devices: any free injector not configured in "injgroups" will have the bridge-control signal on that injector output (installer must scope and test thoroughly and carefully).
The procedure is same
Installer needs to do any related testing, and connect 3 analog inputs (preferrably without pullup; preferrably protected; for PPS1, PPS2 and TPS2) and outputs for the safety system.
Installing an Electronic Throttle is only for experts after successful installs with mechanical throttle. Primarily for motorsport usage, or energy production (powerplants). Especially not intended for flying vehicles (airplanes), or other systems where insufficient install or failure of device might cause significant material damage or health damage.
Some possible comments (normally not needed; just forget them unless you really know what you are doing) allow deviation :
  • "Please configure BridgeOutputDriver with 2 pushpull + 4 highside drivers" (this is the default setup, applied without this comment anyway. In this setup the 2 pushpull drivers work from one "bridgecontrol" input, using the internal inverter).
  • "Please configure BridgeOutputDriver with 2 independent pushpull + 4 highside drivers". This is only for those who really know what they are doing (not recommended)
  • "Please configure BridgeOutputDriver with 6 highside drivers" (not recommended either).

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Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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