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Brass Nipple 1/8NPT
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1 x 700 kPa MAP sensor
1 x Oil Pressure Sensor
1 x Coolant sensor AMP-connector
1 x revirgin6/3
1 x HALL sensor
1 x Wideband bung M18x1.5
1 x Coolant temp sensor
1 x K-compensational cable
1 x Hall Sensor - Bipolar
1 x MAT sensor
01.Payment Coupon
02.Injector connector
03.VAG active COP connector
04.K-compensational cable
06.Wideband connector LSU4.2
07.EconoSeal36-Wire side
08.Econoseal18-Wire side
09.LSU4.2 Wideband O2 sensor
10.EGT sensor (K-type)
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