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Differential Pressure sensor
[7 bar]

0-700 kPa differential pressure sensor (5V supply, 0.2-4.7V output) Also included: an MV type pneumatic connector with 1/8 NPT male thread, and a 170mm (6.7 inch) long tube

  • the high pressure side (hollander nipple) has fluoro-silicone gel coating (on the piezoresistive membrane inside) which protects against "harsh media". The datasheet does not specifically mention any specific fluid, anyone should use it with the chosen fluid at his own decision, consideration and responsibility - after tests at desired conditions. Not recommended for fuel system pressure. Connect with 180C capable tefzel 6/4mm pneumatic tube (the 85-90C tube would be dangerous for this). The sensor nipple must point down, so the trapped air cannot escape and liquid cannot reach the sensor. (the trapped air in this tube can provide some pressure accumulation). The sensor must be secured properly, not hanging on the fuel-hose or the wires
  • the low pressure side (simple nipple) can be connected to manifold pressure (seems logical, as fuel pressure regulator also references manifold pressure, this gives a stable reading). The low pressure side, if communicating with the athmosphere, should be "narrowed to pinhole" and tubed to prevent or minimize any liquid spill damage (one possible failure mode is that liquid spills out through the reference nipple or some other unintended hole: although should be low probability, remember that warranty is for the sensor: no liability for any consequential damage; drops of liquid on the road is better than a thick spray on the hot exhaust)

  • pin1: VOUT 0.2V - 4.7V (0-700 kPa). Slope is 700kPa / 4.5V (that is 778kPa / 5V)
  • pin2: GND
  • pin3: +5V supply (consumes appr 7mA)

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Freitag, 29. Februar 2008 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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