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Tech requests are helpful to everyone, if they don't lack basic information (which often happens: eg. serialnr of purchased device, or even the product in question is sometimes unclear; the nr of cylinders, just to name a few examples).
Find the webshop product page, and the related section in VemsTune Help online documentation, read them (really !), and include these in your summary (quoting some sections that you think relevant or unclear is a good idea). These (together with issue-specific information and usually vemslog) indicate to the support crew that some attempt was made to acquire basic information (otherwise expect indefinite++ processing time and/or RTFM answer, just a waste of time). In 90% of cases, really reading and following the instructions solves the problem, and in the remaining cases casts some light on what is actually going on.
Eg. if installing LSU4.9 sensor read the pdf and indicate clearly it was followed by providing your checklist : eg pin Nr and wire colors applied, and DC voltage measurement for at least +12V and pump- (which is normally around +4V) and resistance measurement of sensor Rcal and captured vemslog during calibration and/or running.
ANY tech request must be formatted on editable page (or extensible repository), thematically organized (not chronologically), eg. on

URL can be posted here to call attention (eg. GIT pull request: so we know where to retrieve your project files from ; or simply to nudge us; VEMS wiki and VemsTune issue-reports are regularly processed anyway).

Make sure the referred page (or repo) follows one of the templates below (To make sure that sufficient information is available for support; otherwise it could appear that "just another fellow who didn't look in the doc" => most likely only generic RTFM response can be provided; until receiving response, consider the response is "please look in the online documentation first").

A generic template (very powerful):

  • With ... product
  • I want(ed) to achieve ...
  • I tried according to ... (eg. pointer to a section of or some recipe found at ...)
  • I applied ... (install details, eg. wiring, setup, .vemscfg ... note: .vemscfg is usually not necessary if .vemslog is included, except when .vemslog was saved from SD-card)
  • I expected ...
  • But instead I got / measured / experienced ... (symptoms, .vemslog .triggerlog file, ...)

Any section (or relevant information) missing can result in making interpreting of the request impossible, very hard or unfeasible.
Other templates (choose whichever applies best):

  • I would like to buy a VEMS ECU / Round or other VEMS product.

    • Can you tell me which VEMS ECU / Round options I need?

      Every application is different and much depends on the modifications you intend to make to the vehicle and if the car is used on the road or for racing.
      This said, if you provide us with the the information as requested below, we will make suitable system component suggestions based on this.

      Please fill this list and provide details about:

      • OEM Engine brand and OEM engine code.
      • Number of cylinders and cylinder arrangement (Inline / V / Odd-fire).
      • Number of injectors and injector type (High-Z (14-6 ohm) / Low-Z (below 6 ohm)).
      • Number of coils and coil type (Passive / Active).
      • Trigger arrangement and trigger sensor types (VR / HALL) for each trigger sensor, if unknown provide any known info e.g. if OEM trigger sensors are used or non standard.
      • Type of wheelspeed signal, either on Differential, Gearbox or ABS ring.
      • If PFET outputs are required e.g. for some BMW Vanos types.
      • Single or Dual wideband controller required.
      • Special analog input requirements.

    • How much faster/more powerful will a VEMS ECU make my car?

      The amount of increase in power depends on the modifications that are made to the engine. A big advantage of the VEMS programmable engine management system is that it allows you to obtain the best performance from any of the changes that are made to the engine. However, much depends on the quality of the tuning and the installation. We advise you to contact your local dealer who has experience with installing and tuning your ECU and will be able to get the best out of your system.

  • I would like support for a VEMS ECU / Round or other VEMS product i already own. (serialnr ? orderID - if you know. History / List of modifications ?)

    • I would like help/support on some software/hardware feature

      Start by reading though the online documentation which covers the features of your VEMS product; If the feature or subject you have questions about is not covered in online help, that will become clear as your project page emerges. Chat / Forum can be useful.
      If you contact us, the referred page must contain the request according to "generic template" above.

    • I suspect some bug in VEMS tuning software / firmware

      In the VemsTune tuning software there is an internal mechanism for reporting any suspected bug in VemsTune or firmware directly to us (or to share config with your friends/tuner) using the error reporting mechanism from VemsTune help menu. This way saving and attaching/uploading the vemscfg file needed for any investigation is done in one convenient (automatic) step.

      We start investigation by reproducing the setup. If not using the recommended VemsTune method to make a request, Only post an URL in your enquiry. The URL must contain at least this information:

      • basic info about the setup - make sure at least relevant information is listed
      • information about other setup must not cause confusion (keep every project separate ... not on one page)
      • link to vemslog (and comment like "at 57sec engine stumbles, apparently no trigger error, any hints ?") or vemscfg file. (Zip is best, but the zip should not contain confusing vemslog or vemscfg files. README.txt is nice if many files included for a complex issue).
      • URL should point to thematically organized page (eg. webpage or wiki page, not forum or irclog). Editable wiki page is preferred. You can create : a NEW MembersPage for your project if you plan to purchase (or already purchased) a VEMS device.

    • I would like a hardware upgrade option or suspect a problem with my VEMS hardware

      If you suspect your VEMS hardware has been damaged (eg. v3 or round) or might be eligable for a warranty-related request, please make use of our repair-upgrade service which can be initiated directly from the VEMS webshop. This service allows for adding upgrade options to your VEMS system like extra trigger inputs / extra ignition outputs / extra sensor inputs or to retest (and repair) your hardware if a hardware failure is suspected

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
Reference to thematically organized, editable page (or repo):
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02.Injector connector
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08.Wideband connector LSU4.2
09.EGT sensor (K-type)
10.LSU4.2 Wideband O2 sensor
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Injector connector
Very good to get new connectors when building your harness. ..
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