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ECU VEMS V3 internal CAN
ECU VEMS V3 internal CAN
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V3 Repair / Upgrade 94.00EUR

Checkout with "IBAN method", because the final sum might be lower or higher depending on the result of investigation.

  • Costs 0 EUR for warranty repair or replacement in the warranty period (1 year after delivery), when damage is caused by manufacturing defects.
  • Testing and small repairs: Costs 80 EUR + 19 EUR shipping and handling : (=99 EUR total) for small repairs and extensions like swapping mcp3208 or tpic6a259dw (=p259), adding wheelspeed input, more analog inputs, conversion to triple-HALL input (for new VVTI camshaft-angle-control applications) etc...
  • SDcard install + small repairs: Costs 80 EUR + 44 EUR (SDcardsocket + SDcard) + 19 EUR shipping and handling (=143 EUR) for small repairs and extensions adding wheelspeed input, more analog inputs, when SDcard is also requested. Write "internal SDcard" or "removable SDcard" in order comment and also on paper included with device.
  • Mainboard replacement: Costs 170 EUR + 29 EUR shipping and handling (=199 EUR) for complete mainboard replacement (a fraction of the price of a new controller). Alubos and frontplate, clamping plates are reused, but brand new electronics gets installed and tested while the replaced board is withdrawn. Note that the wiring must be fixed - eg grounds, flyback, offending analog input outside 0-5V range, offending short of stepper outputs to ground or +12V, offending short of output to +12V, etc... Otherwise the new controller will suffer same damage sooner or later. Don't plug/unplug ECU while powered up. Do not disconnect battery (or cutoff with a switch) when engine is running (unless ECU is powered down first and special protection is added against alternator surge).
  • These prices apply to purchased "Assembled v3.x controllers". Does not apply to home-assembled hardware. Do not send home-assembled boxes, especially without negotiation (expect that +80 EUR applies for devices purchased as non-assembled hardware). Also, higher fee might apply for devices >= 5 years old. In any case, any fraction of the fee might be waved depending on project documentation (keeping project notes is strongly encouraged).
  • Motronic55 retest/repair/mainboard replacement is +30 EUR on top of above prices (or 0 EUR for warranty).
  • if damage is caused by harness, but harness is not fixed after a repair, and this results in repeated return: +30 EUR
  • Round replacement is 80 EUR (or 0 EUR for warranty of course)
  • Installation of new board in old alubos costs 247 EUR+19 EUR shipping (dealer discounts don't apply). In this case we send the old "guts" (board+Econoseal connector) back also.
  • The above fees apply if this "virtual product" is actually ordered (no need to pay in advance, checkout with "IBAN/pay later") and device is sent to the right address (see below unless instructed otherwise by the shop crew), not to invoice billing address. +20 EUR applies if sent without checking out this item, +40 (also a couple of days unnecessary delay) if sent to the wrong address.
  • URL provided: Warranty repair, replacement or low cost repair can be achieved by following 1)-4) steps. It's not just cheaper that way, but usually the only way to minimalize the chance of (possibly repetitive) damage and achieving satisfactory results. Quicker than it might first appear.

Please write "I authorize mainboard replacement if necessary" or "I do NOT authorize mainboard replacement" in order comment and on paper sent with returned v3 controller. Normally crew attempts to contacts on phone if mainboard replacement is justified.
19 EUR shipping and handling is for EU (or Norway, Ch, Russia, Ukraine with ground-shipping). Other destinations are sent with priority/airmail, might cost somewhat more (typically 26 EUR ).
Especially important when sending from outside EU (also from Norway, Russia, Iceland) 1) max 2kg registered letter class mail (NOT PACK! Make it clear at the post office that you are sending letter class mail, not pack) 2) NO "VEMS" (in address or content), preferrably no text outside about content, or "returned controller device for inspection/warranty" - inside it's good to have that text, also your phone-number and detailed info as described below. 3) specify no value ! 4) send to private recipient, not to company (even if you received from company): From USA and Canada, send device to ACMV LLC, 150 Belair Drive, Colchester, VT 05446, USA. From other places, send the device to M.Gal 1173. Baratka u.17, Budapest, HUNGARY.
From outside EU, negotiate in advance (by checking out this item with "IBAN option"). Do NOT send anything until confirmed by shop crew. After you get confirmation and postal address to send to, write "warranty returned item for testing" on postal mail (not pack, remember!), and don't specify value (or, if absolutely necessary, specify low value. Greater than 26 USD makes procedure longer and more laborsome, and never write greater than 47 EUR, under any circumstances failing instructions => box might bounce, and return to sender, perhaps after a month or more).
In any case, include a paper with the returned item:
  • your name, phone
  • postal return address
  • "retest/repair only", or "retest/repair + more inputs if possible (analog/wheelspeed)" (default), or "retest/repair + change primary trigger input to VR" or whatever applies. Any operation missing from the paper and requested later costs + 18 EUR even if it would have been included in the base price (the ecu needs to be opened and clamped repeatedly)
  • this orderID
  • original orderID (if possible)
  • history of the device (what happened), with any relevant reference to wiring, etc...
  • relevant MembersPage (this really helps)
  • the text "I authorize mainboard replacement if necessary" (to make things faster in such cases)

Any device received with no project URL provided (despite provided=yes option) or device that cannot be linked to repair/upgrade order (eg. because repair/upgrade was not checked out, not even with pay-later option) will be stored in this box without notice : Box for devices without repair/upgrade order
Service=ASAP means quicker service, attempt to sendout within 4-8 working days (if payment is received, and special instructions - if any - are crystal-clear: if writing order comment, try to be very precise using references to shop products, nomenclature, exact precise terms to avoid uncertainty, especially for an ASAP order).

device age:
project URL provided:
Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 20. März 2006 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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