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EGT sensor (K-type)

Extra-fast K-thermocouples have 2m long cable by default now (instead of 2.5m: the 2mm thermocouple is available with 2.5m cable on explicit request, otherwise external compensational cable is possible, but rarely necessary).
6mm K-thermocouple is available with PTFE cable with strain relief or metal-shield cable (request in order comment if you have preference, otherwise sent random; both are good).
New option: 6/2 D=2mm EGT with protection cone (needs 6mm drill; the hex part is long, for convenient welding). The sensor body is 85 mm long (insert 8mm beyond the protection cone), 2.0m PTFE cable with strain relief. We are commited to keep reliability high eg. if installed properly: target ~1% / year failure rate or lower) => we select the best manufacturer accordingly.
1 year warranty applies (except for cable or mechanical damage).
Obsolete, because 6mm sensor available again: In 2016-12 the 6 mm sensor was on backorder: for direct replacement of 6mm in existing install (6mm fitting welded in exhaust), see revirgin6/3 and 3mm EGT with length=100mm, with strain-relief and 2m (6.5 feet) PTFE cable (the most reliable sensor).
Often used for exhaust gas temperature EGT (bares upto 1100C at the tip, but only 350C at the cable, or 250C with the PTFE, so route the cable accordingly).
We recommend that only the sensor tip is in the exhaust stream, ~8mm for the 2mm sensor (measured from the proctection cone).

  • "Fitting-only=no" means you want both the sensor and the fitting (as normally)
  • Choose "Fitting-only=fitting3parts" if you do NOT need the sensor, only the 3 part compression fitting.
  • Fitting-only=compressionpart contains NO SENSOR, only the small middle part of the 3 part compression fitting.
  • Fitting-only=blind2parts contains NO SENSOR: useful if you want to move your existing sensor (say, after tuning). A blind-plug female is provided, and a normal male-male that can be used in the next exhaust (to replace the old that is left in the exhaust, perhaps welded in)

The 3 part fitting consists of:
  • part1: male-male (different thread for the exhaust and the hollander)
  • part2: small conical part that comes between part1 and part3 to provide sealing
  • part3: M12x1mm female (mates the hollander-thread of part1)
The exhaust thread of part1 male is NPT1/8 thread for the 6mm sensor (for the 2mm sensor can be either NPT1/8 or M10x1mm finethread so if you have preference please request explicitely in order comment). This part often gets welded into the exhaust so thread size might not matter.
  • "with_connector=EGTamplifier" means you also get this product (click here)
  • "connector pair" means male + flying loom female by default. If you want male + panelmount female, request in the order note, or say "connector: NO" here and buy a separate connector pair (click here) where you choose the "panel mount" option.

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Dieses Produkt haben wir am Dienstag, 23. März 2004 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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