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Type-T v3-twinshieldharness with 2 x different length shielded cables
More info and images HERE

  • WBO2-connector
  • shielded1 (6*0.5mm2 + shield, brown is sensor-GND)
  • injector-branch (on picture the I4-version)
  • TPS (yellow=+5V from EC36/29, black=sensorGND, green=TPS signal)
  • MAT (yellow=EC36/2, black=sensorGND)
  • CLT-sensor (cyan=EC36/14, black=sensorGND)
  • IGN-branch (customizable)
  • shielded2 (6*0.5mm2 + shield, brown is sensor-GND)
  • Coolant-fan-wire (thick blue)

Deviation from above assignments is common during installation / customization. Always verify the actual wire (color, and with measurement), and take note of the installation customizations. For ECU injector outputs A-B-C-D it is wise to assign injectors 1-3-4-2 (or actual firing sequence) instead of 1-2-3-4..
Also included (to help customizations):
  • inj2-female (AMP) connector
  • inj3-female (AMP) connector
  • SSC2-pair (sealed sensor connector with boot, receptacles and small wire-seal)
  • SSC3-pair (sealed sensor connector with boot, receptacles and small wire-seal)

See the new PTFE harness, with PTFE Harness I4 TL branch lengths xls. The remote injector of I6 is +0.2m, and +additional 0.15m for TR version (where the ignition branch is closer to EC36).
Old (harness made from automotive PVC wires, obsolete, only on custom request)
  • EC36 to last injector: 1.8m / 2 m (4/6cyl) most other branches are comparable, exceptions below:
  • EC36 to coolant fan: 2.4 m
  • EC36 to WBO2 connector: 1.5 m
  • EC36 to longer shielded: 2.3 m (I4-long only)
  • EC36 to longer shielded: 1.8 m (I4 and others)
  • Custom length: as you specify (expect +2 weeks minimum, and specify nonstandard branch lengths very clearly, engine code and chassis type also mandatory). Example: "branch of 3 injectors longer by 0.5m for Porsche MY2005 2.7L 176.5 kW flat-6 (2005–2008) boxer engine. Ign and other branches standard length". Upon request a few connectors included from connector category, crimped on if pinout specifed absolutely clearly.
I4 and I6 are in stock For V6,V7,V8, or "no-injharness", old Type-V v3harness is shipped instead.
Although this Type-T contains more wires (for example other than the common functions, 2*6=12 inside shield) is actually slimmer than earlier Type-V Econoseal harness for v3.x assembled controller (described in wiki )
Relay part
  • Relay part is detachable, so easy to pull back through the firewall..
  • EC10 relay-connector is pin-compatible with old type-V v3harness.
  • You can actually order without the relay part: in that case, instead of the relay part: then a matching 10pin econoseal connector is included to mate the main-loom with your wires (the supply wires as bare minimum). This is useful if you already have fuel-pump relay, or you can buy it separately (and keep weight at minimum, by using 1 relay instead of 4).

In any case, the harness allows user customizations. Use the 6cyl version for 5cyl installs, and the V6 or "V7" for V6 engines: the extra injector connector is useful for boostcontrol solenoid).
LSU4.9 sensor is recommended

custom length:
extra TESA tape:
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Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2007 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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