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VEMS motronic55 898.70EUR

VEMS v3.x ECU with Motronic55 connector and internal MAP sensor
We recommend VEMS ECU purchase from HERE or resellers. BEFORE purchasing (claimed new or secondhand) VEMS motronic55 controller from third party, negotiate the serialnumber, and write the serialnumber (vemstune displays serialnr on the statusline when connected) in the contract (and insist on void contract if serialnr was specified wrong). If serialnr: 2595, 2731, 2934, 2904, 3321, 16000 contact us immediately.
The Audi AAN (same pinout as the ABY / ADU) and the Audi 3B were the first applications (note that 3B has different pinout with only 1 ignition channel). These use special "auditrigger" 3 sensor trigger system with the 135 tooth flywheel teeth VR, crankhome-VR and cam-HALL sensor.
The audi factory MAT (manifold air temperature)-sensor is PTC type, so 430 Ohm pullup resistor is used for better precision. If you replace MAT sensor with an NTC-type sensor, write "weak (2k7) MAT pullup for NTC MAT" in the order note. (Use this exact wording, please).
By default, the JPT55/pin5 (carbon-canister-valve control pin) is not connected. However, at order time the following order comment can be useful for AAN/ADU/ABY : "JPT55/pin5 = IGBT and +1 analog input on SSC6"
When installing the controller, click here for steps REALLY. COME BACK TO THIS PAGE WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR DEVICE. By following the instructions you will have an editable page with some DVM measurements (Ohm and voltages), saved vemslog of startup attempts. Following the instructions is required for support and warranty (if a support request includes the page URL, support can and will help, otherwise not until one follows the instructions - some useful data is really required so support can start review and help - often will request more specific measurements.)
For Audis, VemsTune/QuickStartAudi procedure helps to get an initial starting config (Note: "with cam-HALL" inverter is standard. Normally similar config is uploaded in factory after hardware testing if not requested otherwise in the order note).
Bosch made many motronic ECU-s with this connector, but different (incompatible!) pinout for different carmakers.
Other engines already tested with VEMS motronic55 boxes:

Porsche (usually with 60-2 crankwheel VR sensor) tested with harness-adapter loom (with standard Econoseal36+18 VEMS and adapter outside). If you have such an engine, make your project page(s) from wiki MembersPage so we can help verify the application, pinout and other aspects.
  • MAT input: choose the "BMW or NTC" option only if you want weak (2k7 internal) MAT-pullup, because you order (or already have) this or similar NTC-type MAT(IAT) sensor. Note: the MAT reading resolution is 1 Celsius with NTC type, while 2C with the factory PTC type sensor (and 4-5C with firmwares older than 1.1.4x).
  • The default MAP sensor is 400 kPa for audi types. For non-audi, or if you want other MAP sensor (none / 115kPa / 250 kPa / 300 kPa) specify in the order note. 300 kPa is often enough and more reasonable, perfect for about 1.8bar boost) (also on your wiki MembersPage)
  • as the factory setups have no WBO2 (Bosch LSU4 wideband sensor), and WBO2 needs min 4 signals between ECU and sensor (the sensor has a 5th pin for supply and 6th pin that need not be used if the more precise software adjustable calibration scheme is used), a few wires must be used for WBO2. It is often simplest to pull in a few wires in protecting tube to the cabin, while others prefer to hijack some non-used wires (like the MAF-wires, MAF sensor often removed anyway). For this,
  • or any other special wish or preference write on your wiki MembersPage, and paste the link in the order note

Wideband controller (inside ECU) and wideband connector is included. LSU4 (wideband O2) sensor is optional, but highly recommended.
Specify the engine code in the order note. Also specify if NTC type (eg. audi 1.8T) MAT sensor is used in an audi (instead of the factory PTC type sensor).

Service=slow can be very slow. Only choose slow if specs are known months in advance (or ordering generic ECU in advance). Service=ASAP means quicker service (which only makes sense together with expedited delivery), attempt to sendout within 5-8 working days (if payment is received, and special instructions - if any - are crystal-clear: order comment must be very precise using references to shop products, nomenclature, exact precise terms to avoid uncertainty, especially for an ASAP order).
Order comment example: "AAN HALL,HALL Pin48=+5V ; Pin 49=Primtrig HALL in (pin47 not connected)" - if you really like pin48 to be +5V instead of GND: take care during install.

See VEMS with motronic88 connector which is a separate product with 88 pin connector (instead of this 55 pin), used eg. in some BMW engine harnesses

Knock input channels:
MAT input:
Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt.
Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 30. April 2007 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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VEMS motronic88
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1 x Boost MAP and MAT
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