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VEMS motronic88

VEMS v3.x ECU with Motronic88 connector and external MAP sensor
Manufactured according to 325-M50-vanos-and-nonvanos.xls (exact column must be specified, or custom pinout possible if well-specified).
Recommended for experienced installers (currently). If uncertain, come back later. Please note that IGBT-mapping changed since the v3/10700-10719 v3/BMW-M50 mainboard prototype-series (solderblob-configured to Vanos or NON-Vanos) to allow ign-dualout (running with COPs, without sectrig) for limphome, or initial testing. Device are sent out with appropriate config (mot88/24 "igncylN" is EC36/34 (NOT EC36/12 ) and mot88/27 "main relay" is EC36/12 ( NOT EC36/24 ). However if overwriting the good config with any old config, at least verify these functions from M50-vanos-vs-s50b32.xls

  • After capturing triggerlog (traditionally initially verified with fuelpump off; in case of any problem: sparks also disabled),
  • save vanos (or non-vanos) vemscfg and upload with VemsTune
  • finetune Basic / ECU calibrations : TPS low / high values; MAP sensor ; Check that fuel pump starts for a few seconds at powerup.
  • Select Wideband LSU4.9 or LSU4.2 and calibrate WBO2 sensor (free-air calibration).
  • Continue tuning.

For similar (non-BMW M50, possibly not BMW at all, but with same 88pin connector) engine-harness: "early adopter" can symbolically checkout this item (for this discount price) and write in the order comment: "motronic88 for .... model" so that technical negotiation can follow. The negotiation involves verification of pinout (measurements must be made with the real actual harness) to verify assumptions (triggers, VVTI, MAT, CLT, TPS, igntransformers, injectors, pinout, ...). We recommend to checkout order with "Pay later / IBAN" option, so only pay after the negotiation of exact harness pinout. After install (only for pinouts not yet in 325-M50-vanos-and-nonvanos.xls ), a 0-400 EUR coupon will be granted to the installer (usable on further purchases), based mostly on documentation of his measurement details, cooperativeness, timeframe.

Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt.
Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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